Business is run by me and I am able to run it only because of the support I receive from all the beautiful people around me, I feel justified to put in a page called Gratitude. 

I want to thank my two beautiful children who are constant source of joy and inspiration. They spend very less time with mommy compared to other kids their age.  They still are growing up to be beautiful people.  My wonderful Husband is a constant source of inspiration and support. He has put up with so many of my experiments without a word of complaint. Words are not sufficient to state how thankful I am to him  for supporting me and accepting all of me .


My parents and sister are always encouraging. Their emotional support is what make me stay balanced.  I also need to mention two friends who help me a lot with my soap making Shilpa and GK. Gk is always encouraging me to grow my business  and is the one who made my soap cutting machine. Shilpa is my go to girl for all things creative. Thank you guys. Thank you Alekya for suggesting the name Bubble Factory.


Above all I want to thank God for this wonderful life.