Laundry Soap - Pack of 4
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Benefits of the soap


1)   Cleans tough stains

2)   No sulfates / Harsh Chemicals

3)   Environmentally friendly

4)   Safe for washing baby clothes

5)   For sensitive skin persons to avoid irritation caused by cleaning products



Our natural laundry soap is made with pure coconut oil with no sulfates/ harsh chemicals. It cleans tough stains. Our soap gives you the same wash quality as chemically loaded cleaning bars like rin, wheel. 


Since our soap is not loaded with SLS, SLES,  and other surfactant products, it is safe for washing baby clothes. Usually chemicals in commercial cleaning bars irritate sensitive skin, in such case our soap is the best alternative.


This natural laundry soap is a best alternative to chemical cleansing bars, without compromising on your family washing needs.


Ingredients : Coconut Oil, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide