Cancellation & Refund Policy

We donot accept cancellation once payment is made / or parcel is dispacted which ever is earlier. However if the prodcuts are not dispacted you can request for different products. Ammount will not be returned back but store credit will be given.

We do not offer returns unless the contents do not match the order. In case of an erroneous order, please contact us immediately, and we shall ensure that the correct order gets dispatched at no extra charge to you. Please do not tamper seals or open the products that need to be replaced.

We offer exchange if a product is damaged (only applicable for deliveries within India) without any cost to the customer. We do a thorough job in packing products before delivery. However, the shipping process can be rough during which the products can get damaged. In case of damaged goods, please decline receipt at the time of delivery. we will not exchange goods once they are received by the customer. we also exchange spoiled goods if they have not been tampered with in any way. Customers are requested to keep their receipts carefully.