About Us

Many ask me how I ventured into soaps, when I am originally from management background. Honestly even I never imagined myself to be running a business of natural hand made soaps one day. Launching Bubble Factory Soaps still feels like a dream!


Long story short –  I first made my soap for to cut down my carbon footprints. I wanted to avoid polluting the environment by using store bought commercial soap. After 2 years of learning, several failed batches, and tons of money spent in research, I made a great olive oil baby soap for my own new born baby. During an exhibition, I sold a soap I made for my baby, to a family whose baby girl had a bad case of  atopic dermatitis (she had a really parched up skin with blood oozing in some spots). I felt a sense of achievement when the baby’s family came back to me stating her skin condition improved drastically after using my soap. This experience made me want to launch my own soaps.